What do the Salvos do with Toys and Donations?

Written by The Salvation Army.

Donate and help Families in Need This Christmas

We thought we would share this great story from The Salvation Army Australia Website. This story shows the great and very touching work the Salvos do for families in need at Christmas time. It also shows great insight to where the Toys, that our many Riders donate and carry with them on the day, go to and the difference we all can make.

Imagine you're 5 years old. You've been looking forward to Christmas for what feels like forever, only to find out it'll just be like any other day.

Even worse, imagine you're homeless too, which makes every day hard.

This was life for Brett, Lucy and their three children under 6. They'd been living in their car after Brett suddenly lost his job. When the Salvos managed to find the family a place to stay, they were so thankful. But after paying for some basic furniture, there was almost nothing left for food.

"There was no way we could afford any gifts. I had to tell my kids Christmas was cancelled this year," says Brett."

I tried to explain it wasn't their fault but my little girl kept asking 'But why wouldn't Santa visit us?'

It broke our hearts. We were just so upset we couldn't give our kids a real Christmas."

A knock at the door changed on Christmas Eve changed all. "I couldn't believe what I saw", says Brett. "There were presents for the kids, wrapped up with their names. There was even a hamper of food for Christmas Day Lunch. I just kept staring at it all, and then at Emma, and then at everything.

"It was such a relief to be able to give our kids a proper Christmas. I can't describe how excited they were when they woke up Christmas morning and saw presents, especially when I told them there would be none.

"It really must have seemed like magic to them! We're so grateful to everyone who supports the Salvos. They helped us keep the joy of Christmas alive for our kids."

The Difference a Donation can make...

What your Donations Can Do

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